Our services

Agile International General Trading LLC provides a range of services that focus on the supply, repair and maintenance of aviation aftermarket spares and components, from servicing and overhaul to testing and certification.

Our supply services include sourcing components from various manufacturers and suppliers, enabling us to provide a comprehensive inventory of parts to meet our customers’ demands.

Our repair and maintenance services cover all makes and models of aircraft and include inspections, repairs and overhauls with rebuilds, modifications, structural fatigue/damage/corrosion repairs, and production support. We also provide testing and certification for airframes, engines, and all associated components.

Ground Support Equipment
A wide range of airport support equipment, including aircraft pushback tractors, baggage towing tractors, conveyer type belt loaders, 400-Hz ground power units, turbine and diesel powered jet air starts, portable air conditioners, 28V DC power supplies, tripod jacks, FOD sweeper, cargo scanning equipment, tools and much more.

Parachutes and other systems
Arresting and deceleration products such as aircraft arresting systems, personnel parachutes, brake parachutes, cargo load parachutes and ejectable-seat equipment.

Safety & Galley Equipment
Oxygen Mask, Helmet, Oxygen/Nitrogen Cylinder, Medical kit, Breathing Equipment, Galley trolley, Coffee Maker, Path Markers, Passenger Seats, Safety Belts and many more.

Body Armour & Personnel Protection
Protection Vests, Police Shields, Ballistic Helmets and Visors and Inhibition Suits.

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