Due to number of requests from users, landline service is provided to home users in addition to organizations. Home services provide the possibility for users to establish all their telephone communications on the Internet and with the VoIP protocol and call any phone number in the world and enjoy high quality conversations.

Agile offers many advantages to home users, such as portability, permanent ownership, easy portability, and cost reduction. This service can be used using special VoIP applications.

This service provides you a world-class internet connection in your home. Stream easily and watch long videos in high quality. Enjoy online games, web browsing, social networks and all internet services without worrying about running out of data and buying additional packages.

With the high speed of this service, you can use the Internet with your friends and family members at the same time without slowing down and easily share its access with others.

As a professional user, experience true unlimitedness and extraordinary speed with Agile Home Internet Service.

In some towers and residential, commercial and office complexes, it is not possible to receive Agile high-speed internet service due to lack of coverage or full capacity of TD-LTE sites.

To solve this problem and in pursuit of the main goal of the company, which is to improve internet quality and accessibility, our experienced experts have designed a new product that provides high quality speed without fluctuations.

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